Fosirol Powder 3gm Sachet (Fosfomycin)

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Fosirol Powder 3gm Sachet (Fosfomycin)


Active Ingredient Fosfomycin
Strength 3g
Dosage Form Sachet
Manufacturer Cipla Inc
Packaging 8 gm sachet in a box

Medicine Description.

Fosfomycin Sachet Online, which is Bladder and Prostate Issues medicine, and it incorporates Fosfomycin. The antibiotic, fosfomycin powder or Fosirol Powder Sachet will be utilized to take care of bladder an infection, for instance lower urinary tract an infection and cystitis.

How To take Fosirol Powder Sachet?

Fosirol Sachet is obtainable as a single dose treatment. Combine one sachet with half a glass of chilly water, stir and devour it immediately. To be sure the affected individual will get the whole dose, add just a bit additional water to the equivalent glass. Don’t mix Fosfomycin Sachet with warm or scorching water. One might take it with or with out meals.

Side Effects Of Fosfomycin Sachet

Nausea, delicate diarrhea, upset stomach, weak level, headache, dizziness, sore throat, once more ache, or vaginal itching or discharge are among the many frequent undesirable side effects of Fosfomycin Sachet. Search medical suggestion as rapidly as potential if any of these indicators persist.

Pack Size

1 Sachet – 13 $/Sachet, 2 Sachet – 11.50 $/Sachet, 4 Sachet – 10.25$/Sachet, 8 Sachet – 9.75$/Sachet


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