Zonat 5% Eye Drop (Natamycin)

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Zonat 5% Eye Drop (Natamycin)


Active Ingredient/Drug Salt Natamycin
Strength 5%
Dosage Form Eye Drop
Manufacturer Sunways India
Packaging 5 ml in a bottle

Medication Description

Purchase Natamycin eye drop online, which is an Eye Care medicine, and it contains Natamycin. Zonat Eye Drop treats fungal an infection that happens inside the eyelids, cornea, and conjunctiva. Natamycin Eye Drop is an antifungal eye drop and isn’t actually helpful for children.

Easy Methods To Use Natamycin Eye Drop?

At all occasions adjust to the instructions given by the specialist. Additionally, use the actually helpful number of drops of  Zonat Eye Drop. It should be used only for exterior use, as suggested by your physician. By no means used eye drops if the seal is broken. At all occasions clear your arms appropriately with water and cleansing cleaning soap to forestall an infection due to contamination. Put it onto the affected eye by holding the dropper near the eye with out touching it. Then squeeze the dropper gently and put a Natamycin Eye Drop.

Aspect Results Of Zonat Eye Drop

Some unintended effects of Zonat Eye Drop are crimson eyes, swollen eyes, irritation in eyes, blurred imaginative and prescient, dry eyes, excessive headache, stinging inside the eyes, dizziness, and visual modifications.

Pack Size

1 Eye Drop – $6.00/Unit, 2 Eye Drop/s – $5.50/Unit, 3 Eye Drop/s – $5.33/Unit, 4 Eye Drop/s – $5.00/Unit, 8 Eye Drop/s – $4.50/Unit


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