Papulex Cream (Nicotinamide/Zinc)

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Papulex Cream (Nicotinamide/Zinc)


Generic Brands Nicotinamide/Zinc
Manufacturer Menarini India Pvt Ltd
Packaging 15g in Tube
Composition 15gm

Information about Papulex Cream

Papulex Cream has Nicotinamide and Zinc to be used on the skin. Nicotinamide is used to control how skin cells develops and assists in eradicating outdated and unhealthy skin cells whereas zinc controls the immune response of the skin and take away outdated bacteria throughout.
buy Zinc Cream online can be an antimicrobial element that can treat irritation across the skin. The product is used for the treatment of skin that’s inclined to acne. buy Nicotinamide cream online Papulex oil-free cream is a non-comedogenic product that clears out blemishes and can be soap-free.

Directions of makes use of:

This is for use every day for the most effective possible result.
Pack Size

1 cream/s – $8.00/Unit, 3 cream/s – $7.67/Unit, 6 cream/s – $7.50/Unit


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