Filitra 10Mg Tablet (Vardenafil)

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Filitra 10Mg Tablet (Vardenafil)


Manufacturer Fortune Healthcare
Generic Brands Vardenafil
Composition Vardenafil (10mg)
Dosage Form Tablet/s

What is Filitra 10 mg?

Filitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil 10 mg) is utilized to treat erectile dysfunction. It loosens up muscles in the penis and development blood stream in it, subsequently serving to men to accomplish and keep up an erection. It may be seen that this medication doesn’t safe against explicitly communicated illnesses and is just used to treat erectile dysfunction.

How to take Filitra 10?

You are utilizing the oral tablet; take a 10-mg single measurement as soon as every day an hour prior to intercourse. Men age 65 years and extra established can take a 5-mg measurements once day by day, an hour prior to intercourse.

How does Filitra 10 work?

Primary dynamic section Vardenafil in Filitra 10 Mg features admirably by loosening up muscular tissues in the penile area. The ED treating arrangement helps in improving the blood stream that later helps a person in accomplishing a stiffer erection for best results. Weak males neglect to perform a penile erection till he’s explicitly excited, the blood stream could likewise plainly decrease and your erection could die down.

The tablet in exemplary pills structure can function admirably for males that have rare and successive points with male feebleness necessity. This association can help an inept man for accomplishing and persevering with a stiffer penile, which is good for the organized lovemaking assembly.

Filitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil)

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Warning & Precaution

Liquor = Tadalafil can bring down circulatory strain, and consolidating it with liquor could advance the event of this affect.

Pregnancy = Filitra 10 Mg Tablet is almost definitely safe to use during pregnancy.

Creature examines have indicated low or no result on the embryo, be that as it might, there are restricted human examinations. If it is not too much hassle counsel your physician.

Lactation = The utilization of this tablet ought to be stayed away from by nursing mothers. Counsel your physician so affordable substitute may be exhorted.

Driving = Filitra 10 Mg Tablet could cause you to really feel unsteady, torpid, drained, or decline sharpness. On the off chance that this happens, do not drive.

Kidney = Filitra 10 Mg Tablet should be utilized with security measures in patients with a kidney infection. Portion change of Filitra 10 Mg Tablet may be required. It could be very best should you counsel your physician.

Liver = Filitra 10 Mg Tablet should be utilized with safety measures in patients with liver illness. Portion change of Filitra 10 Mg Tablet may be required. It could be very best should you counsel your physician. Utilization of Filitra 10 Mg Tablet is not suggested in patients with serious liver sickness.

Pack Size

90 Tablet/s – $0.70/Pill, 120 Tablet/s – $0.65/Pill, 150 Tablet/s – $0.60/Pill, 300 Tablet/s – $0.55/Pill


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