Cerazette 0.075mg Tablet (Desogestrel)

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Cerazette 0.075mg Tablet (Desogestrel)


Generic Brands DESOGESTREL
Composition 0.075MG

Buy Cerazette 0.075mg

Cerazette 0.075 mg is a beginning control tablet used to prevent pregnancy. Sometimes referred to easily as a tablet or mini-tablet. Buy Cerazette 0.075mg online from Genericpharmamall at the perfect value.

The most important part of those tablets is Desogestrel 0.075mg tablet, the female progestin hormone. Therefore, it is usually referred to as a progestin-only tablet (POP) and is particularly appropriate for women with estrogen intolerance.

What is Cerazette 0.075mg?

Desogestrel 0.075mg buy online tablet, additionally bought as Cerazette, is a beginning control tablet used to prevent pregnancy. Sometimes referred to easily as a tablet or mini-tablet. The most important part of those tablets is the female hormone progestin Desogestrel. Therefore, it is usually referred to as a progestin-only tablet (POP) and is especially appropriate for women and breastfeeding who’re immune to estrogen, the active ingredient together contraceptives.

The most important good thing about POP is to prevent undesirable pregnancy. However, typically your physician might offer you this medicine to treat different conditions.

What is using Cerazette 0.075mg?

Desogestrel is a type of progesterone used to prevent pregnancy, particularly in estrogen illiberal and it’s additionally safe for breastfeeding women.

How Does Cerazette 0.075mg Work?

Buy Cerazette 0.075mg online is a type of progestin, a female hormone that blocks egg maturation.

How to take Cerazette 0.075mg?

  • Take Cerazette 0.075mg tablets as directed by your physician.
  • The typical dosage is 1 tablet of oral Desogestrel on the similar time, every day.
  • Swallow all the tablet with water.
  • Remember to stay to your tablet schedule on the similar time as a result of timing is all the things.
  • Certain medical conditions talked about above might require dosage changes as directed by your physician. Again, the dosage will depend on your age, response to treatment, and different components such as using certain interacting medication. Also, learn the directions fastidiously or consult your physician or pharmacist for those who miss a couple of dose.


Miss dose:

If you miss a dose and your medication takes lower than 12 hours, take it instantly and proceed as normal. You will probably be safe. However, if you’re greater than 12 hours late, you is probably not utterly safe from pregnancy. You can nonetheless take the medicine, however you might want further strategies like condoms over the following 7 days. The extra medication you neglect, the upper your risk of pregnancy.


There aren’t any stories of life-threatening or severe sickness from an overdose of Desogestrel. Symptoms that may happen with an overdose embody nausea, vomiting, and slight vaginal bleeding. Seek treatment if essential.

Interaction with different medication

Your physician already is aware of your medical historical past and may inform you if not. Do not begin, cease, or change medications with out your physician’s recommendation. Desogestrel might react with the next medication: anticonvulsant medication such as carbamazepine, phenytoin, and primidone; Antibiotics such as rifampicin or rifabutin; Antiviral medication such as ritonavir; Antifungal brokers such as Griseofulvin; Medicinal charcoal or St. Antidepressants like John’s wort.

The data Buy Yasmin Tablet (Ethinyl Estradiol+Drospirenone) above isn’t full and will produce other interactions. Always discuss with your physician and his directions, and keep in mind to take priority over all the things.



This drug isn’t really helpful if you’re pregnant or plan to grow to be pregnant within the close to future.


Cerazette 0.075mg Tablet is safe to make use of whereas breastfeeding. Human research present that the drug doesn’t go into breast milk in important quantities and doesn’t hurt the child.

Non-hormonal contraceptives and progestin-only contraceptives are most well-liked for women who’re breastfeeding, particularly within the first 4 weeks after supply.


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