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Herbal General Health

Product Image (Ophthacare Eye Drops)

Ophthacare Eye Drops

Price: 1.00 - 1.50 USD ($)/Bottle

For optimal eye care. OphthaCare has potent antimicrobial and antihistaminic properties, which combat infective and allergic eye disorders.

Product Image (Cystone-SF 200ml)

Cystone-SF Syrup

Price: 0.60 - 0.99 USD ($)/Bottle

Cystone-SF is a sugar-free solution that lowers the risk of recurrent infections, by reducing multiplication and adherence of urinary pathogens, facilitating expulsion along with the urine flow.

Product Image (Gasex Tablets )

Gasex Tablets

Price: 0.63 - 0.99 USD ($)/Unit

Improves digestion. Relieves gaseous distension

Product Image (Geriforte Syrup 100ml 200ml)

Geriforte Syrup

Price: 1.00 - 1.50 USD ($)/Bottle

Rejuvenates both body & mind.

Product Image (Gasex Syrup (Ginger Lemon Flavor) 200ml)

Gasex Syrup

Price: 0.99 - 1.52 USD ($)/Bottle

Improves digestion.

Product Image (Geriforte TAblets)

Geriforte Tablets

Price: 1 USD ($)/Unit

Rejuvenates both body & mind.

Product Image (Herbolax Capsule)

Herbolax Capsule

Price: 0.50 USD ($)/Box

The gentle bowel regulator

Product Image (Rumalaya Fort tablet)

Rumalaya Fort Tablet

Price: 1.00 - 3.00 USD ($)/Unit

Rumalaya is not known to have any side effects when applied as per the prescribed dosage.

Product Image (Pain Relief Oil 100ml)

Pain Relief Oil

Price: 1.50-2.00 USD ($)/Unit

Relieves bodyache and pain.Enriched with Sweet Flag, Drumstick, and Cedar Tree extracts.

Product Image (Abana 60Tablet )

Abana Tablet

Price: 1.00 - 2.00 USD ($)/Unit


Product Image (Bresol-NS (Drops/Spray) 10ml)

Bresol-NS (Drops/Spray)

Price: 1.00 - 2.00 USD ($)/Unit

Breathing solution for a dry and stuffy nose

Product Image (Cystone Syrup 60ml, 100ml)

Cystone Syrup

Price: 0.50 - 1.00 USD ($)/Unit

Pasanabheda (Saxifraga Ligulata) possesses diuretic, demulcent and antimicrobial properties.

Product Image (Cystone 60Tablets )

Cystone Tablets

Price: 0.60 - 1.00 USD ($)/Unit

Shilapushpa(Didymocarpus pedicellata) is known for its antilithiatic property, which prevents the formation of urinary stones. As a lithotriptic, Shilapushpa helps dissolve kidney stones. The herb is also known for its antimicrobial properties.

Product Image (Cystone forte 2*30 tablet)

Cystone forte Tablet

Price: 0.60 - 1.00 USD ($)/Box

Two tablets twice daily.

Product Image (Florasante Capsule)

Florasante Capsule

Price: 0.55 - 1.23 USD ($)/Unit

Prebiotic and probiotic for improved gut health. Florasante is a gut supplement consisting of room-temperature stable probiotics and a botanical extract. Florasante helps in symptomatic relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and supports gut health.

Product Image (Diabecon (DS) tablet)

Diabecon-DS Tablet

Price: 0.60 - 0.99 USD ($)/Bottle

Gymnema (Meshashringi) principal constituent is gymnemic acid, which has antidiabetic properties. It reduces excessive blood sugar.

Product Image (Diabecon Tablet)

Diabecon Tablet

Price: 0.65 - 1.26 USD ($)/Bottle

Gymnema (Meshashringi) principal constituent is gymnemic acid, which has antidiabetic properties.

Product Image (Diarex Syrup)

Diarex Syrup

Price: 0.96 - 1.10 USD ($)/Bottle

The dependable antidiarrheal.

Product Image (Diarex Tablet)

Diarex Tablet

Price: 0.90 - 1.20 USD ($)/Unit

The dependable antidiarrheal.

Product Image (Immusante Tablet)

Immusante Tablet

Price: 0.65 - 0.95 USD ($)/Box

Broad-spectrum immunotherapeutic support.

Product Image (Koflet H Lozenges )

Koflet H Lozenges

Price: 1.00 - 2.00 USD ($)/Unit

Prompt relief honey rich lozenge . Provides the joy of relief,

Product Image (Himcospaz tablet)

Himcospaz Tablet

Price: 0.20 - 0.65 USD ($)/Box

The breakthrough antispasmodic

Product Image (Himcocid-SF Syrup)

Himcocid-sf Syrup

Price: 1.00 - 1.50 USD ($)/Bottle

The complete antacid, beyond just relief

Product Image (Cold & Pain Balm)

Cold & Pain Balm

Price: 0.36 - 0.96 USD ($)/Unit

Relieves nasal and chest congestion. Himalaya Cold Balm is a soothing balm that relieves nasal and chest congestion.

Product Image (Platenza tablets)

Platenza Tablets

Price: 1.00 - 2.00 USD ($)/Box

Carica papaya complex with bioenhancer for low platelet content. Platenza boosts platelet count and reverses the thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) associated with dengue.

Product Image (Purim tablet)

Purim Tablet

Price: 1.00 - 1.50 USD ($)/Bottle

The natural therapy for healthy skin.

Product Image (Liv.52 Tablets)

Liv.52 Tablet

Price: 1.00 - 2.00 USD ($)/Unit

Unparalleled in liver care.

Product Image (Mentat Tablet)

Mentat Tablet

Price: 1.00 - 1.50 USD ($)/Bottle

Channelizes mental energy.

Product Image (Oxitard Capsules)

Oxitard Capsule

Price: 0.36 - 0.96 USD ($)/Box

The natural antioxidant

Product Image (Pilex forte Tablet)

Pilex Forte Tablet

Price: 1.20 - 1.50 USD ($)/Bottle

The medical answer to a surgical problem

Product Image (Septilin Tablet)

Septilin Tablet

Price: 0.50 - 0.90 USD ($)/Bottle

Builds the bodys own defense mechanism.


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