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MEDZEEL LIFESCIENCE is a reputed and fast growing Company in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry, based in Surat, Gujarat, India. MEDZEEL LIFESCIENCE is a leading and well established name in the field as Exporter and Supplier of Pharmaceutical Finished Formulation such As Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Vials, Ampoules, Creams, Ointments, Drops, Syrups, Suspensions, Lotions, Nutraceuticals, Active pharmaceutical Ingredients (API & Bulk Drugs) and Surgical Products, Pharmaceutical Tablets, Pharmaceutical Medicine, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Generic Medicine, Pain Killer, Antibiotics, Althrocin, Anti Cancer across the globe.

We have a Large product portfolio comprising of Medicines spread over major therapeutic areas particularly Antibacterial, Antimalarial, Antiviral, Antifungal, Anticancer (Oncology), Antitubercular, Erectile dysfunction, Antidepressants, Antipsychotic, NSAID, Painkiller , Analgesic, Anesthetic, Antiallergic, Antidiabetic, Antiemetic, Antiasthmatic, Antacid, Antibiotic, Cardiovascular, Antihypertensive, Dermatological and many more. The company is exporting Pharmaceutical Products under almost all dosage forms and categories consisting more than 1500 products.

It gives us great joy in announcing that MEDZEEL LIFESCIENCE is  well established pharmaceutical exporters and suppliers of branded Pharma Products and generic products. We have earned honor from our customers not only in domestic market but also in international market due to our indomitable and determined loyalty towards quality and customer satisfaction. As a result, MEDZEEL LIFESCIENCE has a regular overseas presence in over 78 countries.

Our Branded and Generic medicines enjoy steady demand in following countries

ASIA:- China, Russia, Japan,  Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh,   Afghanistan, Syria, Tajikistan, etc.


AFRICA:- South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Algeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Sudan, Congo, Gambia, Ivory Coast , etc.


AMERICA:- United States, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Cuba, Dominican Republic, etc.


EUROPE:- Austria , Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom (UK) , Latvia, etc.


OCEANIA:- Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, etc.